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New plugins to the server

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Hey all, we've installed some new plugins to the server. We've tested them all so far but if there's any issues let us know please.


This one I'm pretty excited about. It lets you craft a bag (backpack) that you can carry and it has inventory slots. The basic bag, usable by all players, has 27 inventory slots. There's also a big bag (54 slots) a crafting bag (portable crafting bench), and ender bag (portable ender chest). Those ones are only usable by VIPs. To craft them, see the images in the spoiler below.


ajur9a9s.png EVERYONE

wrjrnr4t.png  VIP ONLY

er9bf3d5.png VIP ONLY

atig6zwe.png FOUNDER VIP ONLY

By left clicking while holding the bags, you can access its items (or utility). If you right click, it'll equip the bag (but it's a leather chestplate so it'll look funny).

Read more here


The Brewery plugin allows players to create their own custom alcoholic beverages. The recipes (set server side) will be given to players through a cookbook, and it allows players to cook, distill, and age their beverages. We haven't finished setting up our recipes, so only default recipes will work (for now). Please, suggest ideas for drinks and recipes to us. We'd love to write them up and include them in the game.

Read more here

MC Realistic

This plugin controls the realism aspect to the server. Players will be affected by their actions and restricted from doing anything and everything. Here's a list of what can happen, and how to remedy it.

Thirst: If you get thirsty, just drink a water bottle to quench your thirst.
Hunger: Eat something. :/
Tired: Sleep
Cold: Stand near a torch, or put on armor
Broken bones: Create a bandage (paper + bonemeal) and apply it to yourself
Fatigue: Sleep

Read more here


Another VIP perk, item stay allows players to create displays of items without using item frames, and they won't be destroyed or picked up. Simply type /itemstay, hit enter, then the next item you drop will be created as a display where it lands. Only admins can remove these displays, (and you can remove your own of course), so please do not create too many displays. 


This very very helpful plugin allows players to no longer be required to waste so much of their chest space for storing books. You can now right click bookshelves and they will have an inventory of 18 slots (but only for books - regular books, written books, or book and quill). Breaking the bookshelf will drop the books it was holding. 

An update on Shops/Chests

I knew that Shops weren't working and contacted the developer a week ago to tell him we're having the issue. We still have not heard back but it's out of our control at the moment. As soon as a fix becomes known to us we'll do our best to fix it all.

I just found out today that LWC has been broken "for a while" (quoting Dom). No idea what's causing this, but we'll look into it.


We're almost done getting our VIP ranks ready. Sorry for the delay, and thanks again to everyone who donated for Founder status. Really helped us to get started, and we should have VIP ranks ready in a few days for regular donations.

Our Private Plugins

So, we managed to get in touch with a development team who's going to rewrite our plugins for us. These include Time plugin (keeping track of dates as well as slowing time down to more realistic), Nicknaming and Titles (a VIP perk), and finally the Ghost plugin, which will allow non-whitelisted players to log in and view the server without interacting with anyone IRP, only using OOC channels. 

The plugin I wrote (AsmalurMobs) works :D Pretty exciting. It's all basic stuff, but now farm animals will only spawn in the world with a command, a spawn egg, or breeding them. They're a hot commodity now, and the players will be able to control how many are in the world by breeding them. (Ships may come every so often to deliver livestock (spawn eggs) as well).


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