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A few suggestions

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Hello everyone!

Zenosyne here with just a few suggestions on how to hopefully make a few things a wee bit smoother. Thankfully, I don't see anything mechanically that stands out. Each server has their own unique structure and I absolutely love the way Asmalur is set up. However, I have noticed that there are a few things, specifically in terms of chat function, that could be worked with. There aren't many facets to these statements so I'll just keep it short.

First and foremost, I have some suggestions for the Chat System. You guys use Herochat, which isn't a bad thing. A lot of servers, in fact most of them, use it. Unfortunately, however, it's a bit archaic. It has been used since the very beginning of Minecraft, and even more so the beginning of Roleplay in the medium. It has its drawbacks, and a lot of them. It also has its benefits, however, most of the benefits were overrun by other chat plugins, which I'll get into in a moment.

The colors:

This is a big one. The colors of Herochat currently don't allow for really any sort of segregation between chats or channels. Furthermore, emotes blend fluently into the actual statements rather than stand out to show the differences. It found it incredibly hard to maintain concentration during RP, nevermind having to leave and come back to find my place. I suggest a different of color in terms of emotes and regular chats, things that stand out in terms of contrast. I also suggest to implement the ability to change the color of names, so they too stand out from the crowd.

The chat system itself: 

Alternatively, you could forgo the entire chat system as a whole and opt for a much more efficient and resource lenient plugin called Roleplay Essentials. I've suggested this a few times in the main Discord chat, but I figured I'd add it here so it doesn't get swept away. This plugin is a chat system overhaul along with multiple other additions. The differences this one and Herochat are stark and quite obvious. It comes with the channels Whisper, Shout, Talk (Local), and OOC. These can be toggled on and off and each have their own respective "range of hearing". My favorite feature of this plugin is the /chatstyle command. This toggle makes it so that anything within quotations is colored as white, and anything outside of it is colored as green, though these two colors can be entirely customized. An example of such is here.


As you can see, this allows the reader and those involved in RP to not only emote fluently but it also allows them to structure their statements in a much more legible and organized way. Another wonderful feature, as you can see, is the "No one heard you" function. If there isn't another player in the specified chat ranges of the channels you happen to be in, it will let you know. This is a wonderful function as it allows you to confirm that someone heard you. The chat commands are as follows:

 - 'To switch to roleplay chat, type /t, /w or /s.'
  - 'To temporarily talk in a chat, just add a message to the command.'
  - 'You can talk Out of Character with /ooc.'
  - 'If you ever need to hide OOC messages, type /toggleooc,'
  - 'or you can review who is currently in the OOC chat with /listooc.'


The plugin offers a plethora of other wonderful uses, such as a functional chairs system, a roll system, a character card system, a plague system which uses a proximity component for spreading, and a an option to hide your nametag with a command. It holds a ton more resource efficiency than other plugins due to the nature of its construction and it has been a personal favorite of myself and those who have chosen to use it, for years. It is entirely customizable and I have confirmed it to run fluently in 1.11.2 and previous versions. If anyone wishes to test the operations of it, you can download my test server here and use the config file that is attached in this thread. 

Other Misc. Plugin Suggestions:

1.) Courier ( )

This wonderful little plugin allows you to write letters and send them to various players. You can configure it to use up certain items, like charcoal and paper, and even configure it to remove a certain amount of money from the inventory when you post it. When you post it, a villager will appear and act as the courier to deliver the message to the player you sent it to. These are wonderful for sending missive to characters who are far away and keeping in touch through such. It is a bit out of date but it works great in both Spigot and CraftBukkit iterations in every version.

2.) Brewery ( )

This one adds what you would think it does; The ability to brew! What you can brew is decided entirely by the config. You can make your own brews simply by writing them into the configurations. They require items and timing to perfect, and the result is quite satisfying. The drinks, once brewed, filtered, distilled, and aged each have their own unique effects that you can configure as well. The most hilarious effect is the way it jumbles your speech. It changes the way your messages are presented with somewhat similar variations of what you just typed and presents it as a jumble of nonsense interspersed with '*hic*'. Along those effects is the nausea effect from standard minecraft, it will take control of your avatar and cause you to randomly stumble around, and it will also cause you to vomit everywhere. The vomit is seen as dozens of blocks of soul sand that cannot be picked up, and is brilliant. I've had some wonderful experiences with this plugin beforehand and it has been the source of many an interesting Rp scenario.

3.) Lores ( )

I'm unsure of if Asmalur has this one but it is a lovely little addition for adding in items of importance or even just little baubles or enchanted trinkets for enhancing Roleplay. You can customize the color of the text in each item, make it glow as though it is enchanted, and even place in your own custom enchantments onto it. It's pretty great.

That's about all I have to suggest. If anyone has any questions or the like, don't be afraid to reply!




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As we all know the release of the server was the top priority for everyone on the team, they were rushing as it was to set up perms and what not, there's not even a shop for buying furniture or food and the like yet. They're working to increase the functionality of the server, in fact many of the old plug-ins Asmalur had were ones MADE by us (specifically JC), what they're planning on doing isn't known by me but I know they will be fixing chat related issues soon (Colored names for VIPs, titles, chat color, ECT). I do agree herochat is quite old, but it has functionality that just isn't configured yet.


As for the other plug-ins, I like the idea of courier, and custom brewing would be a nice touch, though that requires people to make every single potion by hand, which I doubt is something anyone wants to do, along with the vomit, which sounds funny I'll admit, but I also admit I think it might get obnoxious after a while. Maybe if you could alter what potion has which effect (vomit, slurring words, ECT). And as for lores, that's a great plug in we've had since 1.0, though items are typically not lored unless they have some sort of significance, I know I heard the possibility of some VIP ranks getting to lore a few items and what not, but that's ultimately undecided and probably the reason you haven't seen it used yet.


But other than that, good post. Only thing is we have to really consider what plug-ins we want since the host only allocates a certain amount of memory to us, too many might slow the server down, so if courier is something everyone wants, I would vote yes, but on everything else, I'd hold off until the team gives a more solid state of the server in terms of plug-ins and functionality.


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Absolutely! I was intending on creating a poll but the forums are finicky with how they function, so I left it for more a future tense than anything else, given that it hasn't even been 24 hours since launch.

The only thing I have to really comment on is your comment that people wouldn't want to brew each one by hand. I have to say that this is RP and work, well, is equal to the amount of work put into it. The sense of satisfaction that would come from it would also be a large component in its operation, on top of the ability to create various custom drinks, poisons, chemicals, etc. It would also be dependent upon actual IC items in the economy, and since there would be a direct correlation to how many items are used and where they are grown in comparison to the profit obtained, it would aid in the smooth functioning of an IC economy. 

Thanks for the feedback!



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Herochat can do all of that. I just didn't configure it that way because this is how we used to do it and everybody liked it. If enough people dislike the current way we can look into changing it. I can make it so Herochat surrounds your messages with " ", and Shout, and Whisper, can have special styles. They've already got tags.


Like Dbbl said, most of this is a result of our old plugins no longer working. AsmalurPlayers, our old plugin that was custom written for us included Nicknames (with spaces and other special characters), Colors, Titles (with colors), races, ages, etc. all sorts of information. It's broken and needs to be either fixed or rewritten. Chances are rewritten since no author likes taking someone elses plugin and fixing it. It wasn't open source it was written by a random dude for us that we lost touch with. 


Yes JC did AsmalurGhost which was a pretty innovative plugin tbh. It had many advantages over Spectator Mode. He's joined the server and expressed some interest in looking into the potential of either rewriting it or fixing it up. I'll be talking to him more about it later.

Other custom plugins:

I'm looking at a way to get AsmalurTime back up and running, and as well as writing a new plugin that can help us configure which type of mob spawns are allowed in the world. Too many mobs spawning as a result of natural spawns, not enough breeding/IC spawning going on.

RP Essentials: 

All that stuff can be done already. We can't do /t because Towny uses that command so it won't work. But you can do /ooc <msg> while in another channel and it will send that message in OOC.


-- Will continue this when I return.


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