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Whatever happened to….

Considering that the events that are taking place on the Isle of Gammon are taking place 900 years prior to the events that took place on Asmalur 1.0, a lot of things will be different than returning players anticipate. Here’s a guide to help you get your mind in the right place.

The Great War: The Great War ended approximately 370 years ago (from the server start date). That means that racial tensions on Asmalur are still quite high. The current major human cities in Asmalur are Laurisis, Sibatrona, and Calidyrr (the largest city). For the elves, it’s Tyrcilnn, which is a renovated military camp that has become a city-state under the control of the Elven Empire. And for the Dwarves, the main city is Bonrohun, named after the recently deceased Great King of the Dwarves, Rohun. In his attempt to conquer Asmalur, he founded this great city, and when he died it was named in his honor. The orcs do not have a major presence on Asmalur at this time. You may be asking, “If the main human cities are Laurisis, Sibatrona, and Calidyrr, then what happened to…”

Kaza: Kaza is currently a smoldering ruined city - a shell of its former glorious status. The Great War, and the civil strife that followed Kaza’s victory, caused the ancient kingdom to shatter into several sects of people, spreading across Asmalur as they search for a new start. It will be approximately 500 years until Kaza is reestablished, and then 400 more after that until Alex Marx seizes control of his kingdom.

The Gods: Obviously, since the Return of the Dragons has not happened yet (and won’t for approximately 1000 years) the Gods have not been banished from Arkadell just yet. They still preside over their creation, and are ever-present in daily life such as rituals, services, and prayer.


I'll continue to update this as players ask questions or get confused.


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