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my Application for my character

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Character Information:
Name: Locke tailwind (likes to be called Loc)   
Age: 19
Gender: Male 
Race: Human, 
Appearance: tall with medium light brown skin, jet black hair and deep blue eyes. he has a small scar on his collar bone from a cut he got as a kid (but it's barely noticeable) he like to where light clothing usually red or light black. 
Biography: he didn't know his true parents and was raised by a group of traveling nomads, his adopted parents however where a loving pair and did every thing to give Locke the best child hood. but as Locke was growing it was clear that he was anything but normal he grue to the high of 6'2 at the age of 12 and now at nineteen he is about 6'8. when he was 16 his parents chose to teach him in the ways of the bow, shield and sword so that when the time came he would be ready, when he was eighteen Locke made a decision to go off and seek his fortune in the world and he has been a traveling mercenary ever since

while Locke is big a threatening (which defiantly helps him in his job) he is actually very kind and fun to be around but don't get him mad, when is truly scary when he gets mad

(berserker-mode) he can toss full grown men across a decently sized room           
Account Information:
IGN: jonogames
Time Zone: victora
Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: yes
How did you find this server: looking around on google and minecraft server sites 

What does metagaming mean to you:

meta gaming is where a player of a game make a decision or action based on information that their character would not have i.e the player walks up to a wall he has never seen befor and presses the exact bricks in the exact order to open the secret passage even though the character would have no information on how, where or even what to do to make the secret passage open except for the player who is controlling the character 

What dose powergaming mean to you:

powergaming is where you play a game to get the most amount of points regardless of storytelling,atmosphere or considering the other players feelings who actually play the game FOR the story  


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