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Personal Information
Name:Robert Gates


Location:New York

Have you previously been staff on a Minecraft server? If so, list positions here:I was chosen to be event team on another server but I still have to be tested

Have you previously been staff on Asmalur? If so, list positions here:No I have not

What position are you applying for:Content Team

Time Zone:EST

Do you work and/or attend school:Yes

Please indicate any times you are not available for server:7:00am-3:15pm EST on weekdays

Please use this area to list any references for your previous work. References include contact info of previous servers you were staff on, or images/videos of work you've done in Minecraft. This section is not required, but does help during the selection process.

I was a Dungeons and Dragons DM for 4 years

Reply Yes or No to the following questions.
I understand that by being on Asmalur staff I am required to abide by all rules. Breaking any server rules may result in being dismissed from staff:Yes

I understand that I am committing to my availability listed above. I am not required to be online at all times, but I am committing to assist if needed while I am online:Yes

My contact information listed below is authentic and a reliable way to get in touch with me:Yes

I understand that if selected, I will be interviewed over Voice Chat in Discord to confirm my selection:Yes

Contact Information:
Minecraft Username:Bratman38

Discord ID: Bratman38

I will give my gmail in private





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