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  1. Character Information: Name: ‘Cos’ or Cosette Age: 28 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: Long hair reaching to the lower waist tied low-ended by a type of hair elastic, A type of suit to accompany brown ‘boots’, 5'0" Biography: ‘Cos’, full name as Cosette [Cas-ette is how to pronounce it], is a simple human. She is laid-back in most situations unless violence is involved. She is a very vivid chatter, and sometimes can come on a bit strong. She is found to be worried, laid-back, and strange for her top qualities. Cos rather not talk or be addressed by her full name, Cosette, for such reason the people in her ‘past life’ (will be explained) used her full name to its extent, hearing it sends her a tiny flashback of someone important. (It is cliche, however good for storyline) Her past life involved many relationships, she was open about meeting people, slow to judge. It took a lot to have her instantly judge any said person she met back then. However so, something happened to her hometown, all point towards a normal fire [All meaning people she talked to about it after getting out of the area], however she points to arson. She is afraid of fire, but if necessary will make sacrifice (this will be made true if in role-play someone is stuck in the middle of a bursting flame, if seriously needed she will run in to attempt at saving them. She is now much more judgemental for some reason. She has been believing that someone she knew in her past life had set the flame ablaze, making her much more skeptical of friends unless they truly are close to her. She will approach a stranger normally. She will approach a friend a little ecstatic. Account Information: IGN: waspwax Time Zone: Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00) Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes, I have. How did you find this server: It’s impossible to find them by just searching up “Roleplay server” as most of them give you factions, but I do not wish to play there. So I went to threads and scrolled into the comments, your server name showed up and caught my eye, so I decided to check it out, read around your website, and got interested Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: A cool concept in some scenarios, however I’m not keen on it. It gets confusing and frustrating since storyline will and can get messed up using metagaming. Metagaming is used commonly for knowledge of something no one else is supposed to know, in other words breaking boundaries of set game rules/limits. What does powergaming mean to you: Annoying, it shortens the story to extremes and leaves you unsatisfied. A length-based role-play is important. It lets you learn about characters, and gives them their moments respectfully. However when power gaming is used, no story is told, and you are left feeling like even your own character is a stranger much like the opposing character as well. Powergaming is basically just a way to push n’ rush through the entire role-play, not allowed any storyline, storytelling, or why they’re even headed toward the goal in the first place. Commonly referred to as a “Misused Timeskip"
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