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  1. Name: Vandrare ( real name: Gustav Hugg ) Age: 27 Race: Human Appearance: Vandrare wears dulled chainmail armour with the crest on the hugg family upon the chestpiece, a family with no official glory. His helmet, a steel mask with two dark holes for eyes gives the impression to be weary. The many small chips and marks on the armour speak the experience of this wanting for nobility. His sword swears by his ferocity of his arm as the once shining blade has dulled to become a tool of bludgeoning. Biography: Vandrare is the self-chosen name of this wanted man and the most fitting giving his background. Once the son of a farmer, Vandrare once sought vengeance on a man for taking his fathers life, who sought to create a fruitful future from the ruined fields of kaza. Vandrare was never one for care for crop, so he spent his youth swinging his sword, dreaming of slaying mighty dragons in the name of a benevolent king. He grew in strength as he grew in age and saw the opportunity of training in the monsters of the night. His foolishness led to his fathers demise, as he misplaced trust in a highwayman, seeking only to fill his pockets. He would now wander the lands, hopeful to escape both the man he has slain and the men who pursue him. His ambitions are two: he wishes only to fulfil the wishes of a king, to serve loyally until his end and to create a legacy, one befitting that of historians to discover in a hundred years time. He knows of only to kind of relations; that you find with a friend and that you find with an enemy. He knows both well. His brother, a farmer for generations. Would offer comfort even in the darkest moments. His enemies, denizens of the night, he knows are only befitted for the sword he has forever wielded. Account Information: IGN: ZappiestTom? ( or TomJStadler )Time Zone: LON (+1)Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: yes.How did you find this server: I typed 'roleplaying minecraft server' into google and this was the first result.Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: metagaming is you giving your character knowledge he wouldn't and shouldn't know. It is the effect from using external information to affect how your roleplay goes.What does powergaming mean to you: powegaming is you giving your character feats or abilities which he wouldn't and shouldn't have. It is the effect of using realistic abilities and proportions to unbalance the odds in your favour. Note: more information available upon request.
  2. Well, this is awkward. Whilst I don't see myself spending alot of time on the server ( like I did in the old days ), I am happy to see this place up and running again. I felt to blame for the shutting down of the server the first time and, for a while, regretted some of the things I posted. For those who don't know me I used to be JVIR ( yes, that prick ). Alot has changed in the last 2 years, I am out of college and I am making a living. Its good to see everyone back to be honest, just seeing a couple of the old names brings back some good memories. For a long time, this server was good to me and I never thanked anyone for that. Due to work, I won't be able to find much time to Roleplay on this server but I do hope to come back from time to time, not only to reminse about the old times but create new characters.