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  1. Why do all my friends have Xbox ;-;
  2. Ye it wasn't a very good game, The story was cool but after that is was meh. Kinda regret buying it
  3. Personal Information Name:Robert Gates Age:17 Location:New York Have you previously been staff on a Minecraft server? If so, list positions here:I was chosen to be event team on another server but I still have to be tested Have you previously been staff on Asmalur? If so, list positions here:No I have not What position are you applying for:Content Team Availability Time Zone:EST Do you work and/or attend school:Yes Please indicate any times you are not available for server:7:00am-3:15pm EST on weekdays References Please use this area to list any references for your previous work. References include contact info of previous servers you were staff on, or images/videos of work you've done in Minecraft. This section is not required, but does help during the selection process. I was a Dungeons and Dragons DM for 4 years Terms: Reply Yes or No to the following questions. I understand that by being on Asmalur staff I am required to abide by all rules. Breaking any server rules may result in being dismissed from staff:Yes I understand that I am committing to my availability listed above. I am not required to be online at all times, but I am committing to assist if needed while I am online:Yes My contact information listed below is authentic and a reliable way to get in touch with me:Yes I understand that if selected, I will be interviewed over Voice Chat in Discord to confirm my selection:Yes Contact Information: Minecraft Username:Bratman38 Discord ID: Bratman38 I will give my gmail in private
  4. Scenario 1: Abdiel eyes the coin pouch and reach for it, but upon getting his hand closer, he grabbed the man’s wrist firmly and yank it towards Abdiel while with his other hand, smacked the man’s hand that held the knife to whack it out of his hand. Then, Albiel puts his hand around the man’s neck, tightening his grip and crushing the man’s trachea. When the body hit the floor, Abdiel bent down and pocketed the coin pouch, and then looked to the elves and opened the cage with the key he found on the man, setting them free. Scenario 2: Seeing the group, he slowly walks towards them, but not in a way that would alarm them of his presence. As he got closer, the hulking orc would let out a low growl in an attempt to intimidate the group. Then he would charge at them, taking out his weapon and cleaving the men in half, painting the alley red with blood. Once the men were dead, he turned to the elf and simply gives a nod before continuing on his way home, leaving the elf be. @chargerman123
  5. @chargerman123 I have done a full re-edit, Hopefully you like it
  6. @chargerman123Edited
  7. Oh you wouldnt have to worry about that, I have been in about 5 rp servers so I know what to do and not to powergame
  8. Could you explain to me by what you mean by that?
  9. (Just a quick note this char was meant for necromancy but not sure about that stuff)
  10. Character Information: Name: Abdiel MortemAge: 44Gender: MaleRace: OrcAppearance: A black skinned orc trained for power and leading. He would have white armor to show he was there and not to mess with him. He would have large tusks and a mind for tactics.Biography: Abdiel was an orc that was raised in a cave tribe of orcs on the continent Urmmosh. He followed in his parents footsteps, training hard each day and growing stronger and stronger, proving his strength through various feats and by fighting the other orcs in the clan. Once he grew of age, he took on the trail of the warrior where he defeated a great foe with only a dagger and wits as his weapon, and brought home it’s head. But his lust for blood could not be sated by living in the village. He decided it was time to move on, to a new land ripe with danger where he would prove his prowess as a warrior to all around. He choose the path of a wandering warrior, challenging all who he came across, besting each and every one of them. Legend began to spread of this orc that non could defeat. Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs from all around searched for him, challenged him, and lost. Before long, no one approached him. He truly was feared by all. Until one day, a man came to him, and challenged him. Abdiel scoffed at this small man, thinking there was no way he could defeat Abdiel, the Undefeated. “You dare challenge me, boy? Do you know who stands before you? I, am Abdiel! The undefeated! No one can best me!” Abdiel said menacingly. The human was merely twenty years of age, brandishing a longsword with him that had seen its fair share of battles. “I will defeat you! Your words do naught but waste your breath!” The boy replied. The two had attracted a crowd, where a ring of people had formed around the two. People began shouting; some for Abdiel, some for the boy. Bets were placed and the fighting commenced. The two had fought for some time, parrying blows, landing small cuts on one another, but eventually, the boy had found the orcs weakness. He took advantage of it and landed a blow that the orc did not expect. He fell to his hands and knees, clutching his side where the sword had cut into him. It was over. He had greatly wounded Abdiel to the point that he could not fight for a long time. Time past, and the legend of the towering orc that was Abdiel the Undefeated faded until none remembered. It was merely a myth now, told to children as a bedtime story. Abdiel’s wounds were healing and he would be once again able to fight, but he would depart this land as he has seen all it had to offer. He boarded a ship and went to the colony of Gammon where he would start his new life. Account Information: IGN: Bratman38Time Zone: ESTHave you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: YesHow did you find this server: I was told by a friend about itDefinitions: What does metagaming mean to you: Using ooc info to help you icly such as using info your friend told you in a pm to avoid being killed What does powergaming mean to you: Using unfair advantages to a fight or anything such as *Joe swings his sword at billy**Billy immediately dodges and swings his sword, chopping off joes head*