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  1. Hello. Some real life stuff has come up. I won't be active on the server for a while. I might be back later. That is all.
  2. Aldwyn walks up to the podium, and folds his hands. "I am firstly a servant of Zethos, but I would work as a public servant if no other could fill the position. I ask that you all consider whom you select carefully. I would not want a person of poor character or of lackluster piety to stand watch over this place. May Zethos bless you all." Aldwyn walks back to his seat and sits down.
  3. You spy a broken down, odd looking cart while out on guard duty. As you get closer you begin to make out that it’s actually a cage with wheels being drawn by a horse. Eventually you arrive next to the cart and realize that there are several Elves in chains sitting on the floor of the cage, their eyes hollow and devoid of all hope. The slaver driving the cart recognizes your uniform and furrows his brow in annoyance, before reaching into his pockets and producing a knife and a coin purse in each hand respectively. In a raspy voice he says “Am I to buy your silence, or will you make me cut out your tongue? Come on now, choose!” Aldwin grimaces. He would cautiously glance back at the captive elves, and then back to the slaver. "I do not want to fight. I do not want a bribe. If you were able to subdue those elves, I would never test my strength against yours. You may go. I shall not speak of this." He would stand off to the side of the road as the cart passes. As it fades into the distance, he would immediately run to the nearest garrison to rally other guardsmen to mount up and pursue the slaver. While walking home from the local tavern, you turn a corner into an alleyway and are confronted with the sight of three Humans showering an Elven youth in racial slurs, hate speech, and a rain of blows. They are too engrossed in their cowardly assault to notice your presence, and are at a little ways ahead of the next turn that would continue you on your path home. Aldwin would glance remorsefully at the youth that is being taunted. He would smooth down his robes and tuck his scriptures under his arm. 'It would be foolish to attempt to dissuade three younger and sprightlier men who are acting so belligerently, I would be pummeled.' Aldwin would quickly stride down the road, quietly passing by the small mob and quickly walks back to his home.
  4. Name: Aldwyn AbbotAge: 50Gender: MaleRace: Human Appearance: Aldwyn is a 50 year old man with fair skin. He has a set of brown eyes. He has salt-and-pepper black hair, with more gray gathering around his temples. He is clean shaven. He is of slightly less than average build. His hands have been nicked and calloused by years of gardening. He wears a simple brown robe, brown trousers, and leather shoes. His robes look like this: Biography: Aldwyn Abbot was born in a small village. He was a normal child and was born to a pair of normal parents. They loved him very much, and he loved them just the same. His father was the village's preacher, and his mother was a seamstress. He was taught from an early age to respect those around him, nature, and most of all, the gods. It was very important to his father that his son be properly educated in the way of paying respects to the gods, and so he was educated with that in mind. He was educated under his father's youth minister, as were most of the other village children. He learned of history, mathematics, manners, and botany. Because of the village's agrarian nature, the children needed to know of the nature of plants, especially those that wished to become monks or missionaries. Aldwyn Abbot led a normal childhood. He was well behaved, educated thoroughly, and was well cared for. Aldwyn grew older. He decided that he wanted to become a monk and lead a life of quiet piety. He worked with his father to tend to the monasteries gardens, tenderly nurturing beds of sprigs, onions, and radishes. His studies educated in many other plants, however. He also began to focus on the theology of the gods of light. Aldwyn decided to become a nondenominational monk and preach the goodness of all of the benevolent gods. He continued his studies. Time marched steadily on. Aldwyn grew into a man. He completed his studies and ventured forth from his home village. He travel from human settlement, to human settlement, spreading the word of the gods scriptures to whomever he spoke with. He sometimes was payed for his work, but mostly was not. He was occasionally forced to go door to door asking for something to eat in exchange for his work as a humble servant of the gods. Other times, Aldwyn would forage in nearby forests, picking over mushrooms and leafy greens to scrape together a meal. Aldwyn would never eat meat, for he thought that killing one of the gods creatures was a great offense. He traveled until he reached the age of fifty. He was still holding onto his prime, but could feel himself growing older and older. He knew that his place was that of a theological servant. Still, he felt compelled to truly accomplish something in his work. He traveled to a nearby port city. He preached for a time, and briefly considered settling down and founding his own monastery. There were plenty of people, and surely some of them would need spiritual guidance. He pondered this for a long time, however one day he learned of the exploration of the Isle of Gammon. He was infatuated by the idea of going to a new land and exploring it. The poster that he read was calling for farmers in particular. Aldwyn decided that he could both use his skills and botany to assist in growing plants and preach at the same time. Aldwyn boarded a ship and set out for the Isle of Gammon. Account Information: IGN: Cre8or38Time Zone: USA, EST. Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yep. How did you find this server: I used to be a player on it. Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: Using out of character information in character, to the end of benefiting your own character. What does powergaming mean to you: Powergaming is playing with the intent to win at all costs, and at any means, without regard for another. This can also be interpreted as forcing actions onto someone else's character.