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  1. Hey jonogames thanks for the interest in joining but if you could just create one application at a time and wait for a response that'd be ideal. I'm not sure if you keep posting different ones because you're changing things, but if that's the case you can click Edit at the bottom of your post to change it rather than creating a new topic. Can you just reply to whichever application you wish to be reviewed saying "This one" or something, and the rest will be removed. If you don't do this I'll just remove everything except the most recent post you've made. Thanks.
  2. Hey bb, missed you. 

  3. Hey all, we've installed some new plugins to the server. We've tested them all so far but if there's any issues let us know please. Bags This one I'm pretty excited about. It lets you craft a bag (backpack) that you can carry and it has inventory slots. The basic bag, usable by all players, has 27 inventory slots. There's also a big bag (54 slots) a crafting bag (portable crafting bench), and ender bag (portable ender chest). Those ones are only usable by VIPs. To craft them, see the images in the spoiler below. By left clicking while holding the bags, you can access its items (or utility). If you right click, it'll equip the bag (but it's a leather chestplate so it'll look funny). Read more here Brewery The Brewery plugin allows players to create their own custom alcoholic beverages. The recipes (set server side) will be given to players through a cookbook, and it allows players to cook, distill, and age their beverages. We haven't finished setting up our recipes, so only default recipes will work (for now). Please, suggest ideas for drinks and recipes to us. We'd love to write them up and include them in the game. Read more here MC Realistic This plugin controls the realism aspect to the server. Players will be affected by their actions and restricted from doing anything and everything. Here's a list of what can happen, and how to remedy it. Thirst: If you get thirsty, just drink a water bottle to quench your thirst. Hunger: Eat something. Tired: Sleep Cold: Stand near a torch, or put on armor Broken bones: Create a bandage (paper + bonemeal) and apply it to yourself Fatigue: Sleep Read more here ItemStay Another VIP perk, item stay allows players to create displays of items without using item frames, and they won't be destroyed or picked up. Simply type /itemstay, hit enter, then the next item you drop will be created as a display where it lands. Only admins can remove these displays, (and you can remove your own of course), so please do not create too many displays. Bookshelves This very very helpful plugin allows players to no longer be required to waste so much of their chest space for storing books. You can now right click bookshelves and they will have an inventory of 18 slots (but only for books - regular books, written books, or book and quill). Breaking the bookshelf will drop the books it was holding. An update on Shops/Chests I knew that Shops weren't working and contacted the developer a week ago to tell him we're having the issue. We still have not heard back but it's out of our control at the moment. As soon as a fix becomes known to us we'll do our best to fix it all. I just found out today that LWC has been broken "for a while" (quoting Dom). No idea what's causing this, but we'll look into it. VIPs We're almost done getting our VIP ranks ready. Sorry for the delay, and thanks again to everyone who donated for Founder status. Really helped us to get started, and we should have VIP ranks ready in a few days for regular donations. Our Private Plugins So, we managed to get in touch with a development team who's going to rewrite our plugins for us. These include Time plugin (keeping track of dates as well as slowing time down to more realistic), Nicknaming and Titles (a VIP perk), and finally the Ghost plugin, which will allow non-whitelisted players to log in and view the server without interacting with anyone IRP, only using OOC channels. The plugin I wrote (AsmalurMobs) works Pretty exciting. It's all basic stuff, but now farm animals will only spawn in the world with a command, a spawn egg, or breeding them. They're a hot commodity now, and the players will be able to control how many are in the world by breeding them. (Ships may come every so often to deliver livestock (spawn eggs) as well).
  4. Asmalur's first run lasted about 4 years before shutting down. We're hoping to replicate that success this time around. We're still starting up and have not advertised yet so things are a bit slow at the moment, but if you give it some time we hope to be back to what we were several years ago. And Americans are proud of their heritage no matter what it is. The USA is kinda different than most countries when it comes to heritages, we're all very excited to tell people who are ancestors are and make a big deal out of it. It comes with the whole "melting pot" history of the US. I ain't looking this up but we've got to be one of the most ethnically diverse (if not THE most ethnically diverse) nations of the world. So it's always a big deal where our history is from and stuff. That being said, Norway clearly is the best. I don't know if my grandma is fucking with me by saying this (she probably is, but until she admits it's a fake story, I'm gonna repeat it) but my ancestors are actually related to the same folks who the Birkebiener is dedicated to, or whatever.
  5. Nice to meet you. Me, Anton, and Teddy aren't Norwegian citizens but we've got proud Norwegian ancestry. What was your previous "home" community?
  6. A look of concern spreads across Mortias's face. "If you sayin' you done this before, whatchu mean, anyway? You wasn't part of the war, I trust? We can't be 'avin no Imperial loyalist's round 'ere. I've been 'earin that the Empire ain't quite finished with that war of theirs, and they been wantin' ta give 'er another shot, if ya catch my drift. An', well if the man in charge o' this town is gonna lead us head first into anotha war I won't be 'avin any of it. I mean... death is good fer business but another war o' that size.. that'll be too much for ol' Mortias. Jimminy caws in agreement. [[OOC Note: The Great War happened ~360 years ago, so an elf could very well have fought in the war and still be in "okay" physical shape. Elf lifespan is around 500 years. Emotional and mental wounds from the war are still fresh and tensions are high in the main continents. ]]
  7. Mortias and Jimminy still sit quietly, listening to the others debate. He has a favorite candidate in mind, but his opinion may still be changed. He is currently most impressed by Elyon, because he believes that his experience will serve the colony best as mayor. [[ Everyone has until tomorrow (20-ish hours from now) to finish this meeting. After that, a poll will be posted here to vote for mayor ]]
  8. [[Voting will be done on a poll on the website, and then we'll give like one or two more IRL days for people to put their campaigns out ]]
  9. [[ This entire post is OOC ]] Let me also quickly describe the "Mayor" (the elect can come up with his or her own title) duties and privileges: Generally speaking, they have full "decision making" control over the town. Wildlings scouted en route to the colony? Mayor decides how to respond. Rumors of a treasure? Mayor sends a reconnaissance team. The Mayor also decides how the town's resources are used, as well as how its manpower is used. For example if the Mayor wants to focus on building a strong economy, he can tell some of the guards that they will be mining for ore instead. If war is on the horizon, he can conscript farmers and undertakers to the militia. 1. Has full control over "elite" positions in the town. The captain of the guard, noblemen, advisers, etc. are all promoted or demoted by the Mayor. They can create or remove titles and positions as they choose. 2. Has the ability to reassign player jobs, or hire people for new jobs. They can create new work programs. It is their responsibility to pay players who work for the colony (as opposed to players who manage their own financial enterprises). Example of these players are dockhands, guards, elites, etc. 3. Gets promoted to Towny mayor. This means they can claim or unclaim land for the colony, toggle firespread, mob spawns, item interaction and building (though currently only mob spawn will have any effect). The Mayor is not an IC title. The person elected mayor will actually have a duty to his or her fellow players. The staff will be setting random events upon the island, and it's the Mayor's call what the colonists do in response. A few of the "events" we've talked about are: 1. Diplomacy 2. Exploring 3. Trade/Economy 4. War 5. Natural disasters 6. Resource shortages How will Gammon Colony interact with the world around it? What will the rest of the world think of the Colony? The Mayor will have the largest influence on the answer to those questions.
  10. Mortias takes a seat in the town hall. Jimminy caws. "Naw, Jimminy, we ain't be runnin' fer mayer. Tha's fer da intellergent folks.." Jimminy caws disappointingly. The gruesome twosome await the others to begin deliberations.
  11. I don't accept or deny these, but you have to specify your race. If you're half breed, say what the two halves are.
  12. The Asmalur Team is always looking for dedicated and hard working people who want to provide the ultimate live-action roleplaying experience to players. In order to decide if you want to be part of the team, read a short description on our positions: Admin: The Admin is the highest ranking position on the Asmalur Team. They are in charge of everything; managing the website, donations, plugins, events, lore, and the team itself. In order to be considered for Admin you must have been a part of the Asmalur team for at least 6 consecutive months. Moderator: A Moderator is the second highest ranking position. Their primary duty is moderating players in game and making sure everybody is enjoying a fun playing experience. They also have the authority to make Admin-like decisions when it comes to roleplaying, such as rolling back or voiding a sequence of events, or helping players proceed when they need a GM/"Dungeon Master" like influence. Team Leader: Team Leaders are second in command when it comes to running the Asmalur Team. They manage the team members of both the Content and Community teams, making sure that things are being done efficiently and effectively. They coordinate efforts between team members to provide top quality results from the Asmalur Team. Only Content and Community Team members can apply for Team Leader. Content Team: Content Team members are responsible for every in-character aspect of the game, including lore, buildings, environments, and events. Community Team: Community Team members are responsible for making player's experience here at Asmalur the best it possibly can be. They accept new players to the server, help design our rules, and assist players in finding their way in Asmalur. If you think one of these positions fits your abilities, feel free to apply. Asmalur could always use the help. See below to see which positions we're recruiting for: If you've decided to apply, copy the application format below into your own thread, titled "<Your name> Application" If your application is successful, you will be contacted by one of the Admins to set up a short voice-over interview over Discord (about 5-10 mins long). The interview is just to determine we're making the right fit for our team, and to find out a bit more about you as a person. If your're successful, you'll join the Asmalur Team!