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  2. Yo, its Star "the most hated player ever", thanks for that. Just seeing if any of y'all remember my old login? Just tryna play a bit of minecraft but mojangs support is ass and didn't help at all so thought I'd come here and see if anyone remembers
  5. Character Information: Name: Locke tailwind (likes to be called Loc) Age: 19Gender: Male Race: Human, Appearance: tall with medium light brown skin, jet black hair and deep blue eyes. he has a small scar on his collar bone from a cut he got as a kid (but it's barely noticeable) he like to where light clothing usually red or light black. Biography: he didn't know his true parents and was raised by a group of traveling nomads, his adopted parents however where a loving pair and did every thing to give Locke the best child hood. but as Locke was growing it was clear that he was anything but normal he grue to the high of 6'2 at the age of 12 and now at nineteen he is about 6'8. when he was 16 his parents chose to teach him in the ways of the bow, shield and sword so that when the time came he would be ready, when he was eighteen Locke made a decision to go off and seek his fortune in the world and he has been a traveling mercenary ever since while Locke is big a threatening (which defiantly helps him in his job) he is actually very kind and fun to be around but don't get him mad, when is truly scary when he gets mad (berserker-mode) he can toss full grown men across a decently sized room Account Information: IGN: jonogamesTime Zone: victoraHave you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: yesHow did you find this server: looking around on google and minecraft server sites Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: meta gaming is where a player of a game make a decision or action based on information that their character would not have i.e the player walks up to a wall he has never seen befor and presses the exact bricks in the exact order to open the secret passage even though the character would have no information on how, where or even what to do to make the secret passage open except for the player who is controlling the character What dose powergaming mean to you: powergaming is where you play a game to get the most amount of points regardless of storytelling,atmosphere or considering the other players feelings who actually play the game FOR the story
  6. Character Information: Name: ‘Cos’ or Cosette Age: 28 Gender: Female Race: Human Appearance: Long hair reaching to the lower waist tied low-ended by a type of hair elastic, A type of suit to accompany brown ‘boots’, 5'0" Biography: ‘Cos’, full name as Cosette [Cas-ette is how to pronounce it], is a simple human. She is laid-back in most situations unless violence is involved. She is a very vivid chatter, and sometimes can come on a bit strong. She is found to be worried, laid-back, and strange for her top qualities. Cos rather not talk or be addressed by her full name, Cosette, for such reason the people in her ‘past life’ (will be explained) used her full name to its extent, hearing it sends her a tiny flashback of someone important. (It is cliche, however good for storyline) Her past life involved many relationships, she was open about meeting people, slow to judge. It took a lot to have her instantly judge any said person she met back then. However so, something happened to her hometown, all point towards a normal fire [All meaning people she talked to about it after getting out of the area], however she points to arson. She is afraid of fire, but if necessary will make sacrifice (this will be made true if in role-play someone is stuck in the middle of a bursting flame, if seriously needed she will run in to attempt at saving them. She is now much more judgemental for some reason. She has been believing that someone she knew in her past life had set the flame ablaze, making her much more skeptical of friends unless they truly are close to her. She will approach a stranger normally. She will approach a friend a little ecstatic. Account Information: IGN: waspwax Time Zone: Atlantic Time Zone (UTC-04:00) Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes, I have. How did you find this server: It’s impossible to find them by just searching up “Roleplay server” as most of them give you factions, but I do not wish to play there. So I went to threads and scrolled into the comments, your server name showed up and caught my eye, so I decided to check it out, read around your website, and got interested Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: A cool concept in some scenarios, however I’m not keen on it. It gets confusing and frustrating since storyline will and can get messed up using metagaming. Metagaming is used commonly for knowledge of something no one else is supposed to know, in other words breaking boundaries of set game rules/limits. What does powergaming mean to you: Annoying, it shortens the story to extremes and leaves you unsatisfied. A length-based role-play is important. It lets you learn about characters, and gives them their moments respectfully. However when power gaming is used, no story is told, and you are left feeling like even your own character is a stranger much like the opposing character as well. Powergaming is basically just a way to push n’ rush through the entire role-play, not allowed any storyline, storytelling, or why they’re even headed toward the goal in the first place. Commonly referred to as a “Misused Timeskip"
  7. Welcome to my page!~


    Both my cover and profile pictures have been hand drawn by me!

    I look forwards to roleplaying with you all! Don't be afraid to say hi!

    H a v e  a  n i c e  d a y ! ~

  8. Name: Vandrare ( real name: Gustav Hugg ) Age: 27 Race: Human Appearance: Vandrare wears dulled chainmail armour with the crest on the hugg family upon the chestpiece, a family with no official glory. His helmet, a steel mask with two dark holes for eyes gives the impression to be weary. The many small chips and marks on the armour speak the experience of this wanting for nobility. His sword swears by his ferocity of his arm as the once shining blade has dulled to become a tool of bludgeoning. Biography: Vandrare is the self-chosen name of this wanted man and the most fitting giving his background. Once the son of a farmer, Vandrare once sought vengeance on a man for taking his fathers life, who sought to create a fruitful future from the ruined fields of kaza. Vandrare was never one for care for crop, so he spent his youth swinging his sword, dreaming of slaying mighty dragons in the name of a benevolent king. He grew in strength as he grew in age and saw the opportunity of training in the monsters of the night. His foolishness led to his fathers demise, as he misplaced trust in a highwayman, seeking only to fill his pockets. He would now wander the lands, hopeful to escape both the man he has slain and the men who pursue him. His ambitions are two: he wishes only to fulfil the wishes of a king, to serve loyally until his end and to create a legacy, one befitting that of historians to discover in a hundred years time. He knows of only to kind of relations; that you find with a friend and that you find with an enemy. He knows both well. His brother, a farmer for generations. Would offer comfort even in the darkest moments. His enemies, denizens of the night, he knows are only befitted for the sword he has forever wielded. Account Information: IGN: ZappiestTom? ( or TomJStadler )Time Zone: LON (+1)Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: yes.How did you find this server: I typed 'roleplaying minecraft server' into google and this was the first result.Definitions: What does metagaming mean to you: metagaming is you giving your character knowledge he wouldn't and shouldn't know. It is the effect from using external information to affect how your roleplay goes.What does powergaming mean to you: powegaming is you giving your character feats or abilities which he wouldn't and shouldn't have. It is the effect of using realistic abilities and proportions to unbalance the odds in your favour. Note: more information available upon request.
  9. Well, this is awkward. Whilst I don't see myself spending alot of time on the server ( like I did in the old days ), I am happy to see this place up and running again. I felt to blame for the shutting down of the server the first time and, for a while, regretted some of the things I posted. For those who don't know me I used to be JVIR ( yes, that prick ). Alot has changed in the last 2 years, I am out of college and I am making a living. Its good to see everyone back to be honest, just seeing a couple of the old names brings back some good memories. For a long time, this server was good to me and I never thanked anyone for that. Due to work, I won't be able to find much time to Roleplay on this server but I do hope to come back from time to time, not only to reminse about the old times but create new characters.
  10. By the way, there are gods, just no written documentation on them yet. It will be up soon (I hope), but anyway, in the elven pantheon, one of the oldest gods is Astire, the godess of Balance. As it's in the process of being rewritten and worked for our new setting, she might make a new appearance or be put through the works and come out something else, but you could just say that's who you've been following the whole time regardless of name.
  11. I'm not sure if it was just you typing this quickly, or what, but there are a lot of grammatical errors in this, but I'm going to leave this as pending until it is cleaned up. It can be difficult to roleplay if someone has constant grammar mistakes that create confusion or just make rping difficult in general.
  12. Character Information: Name: Dwonmumli_AnvilMace Age: 25 Gender: M Race: Dwarf Appearance: Adult Long Brown Brown Beard Brown Eyes Long Flowing Brown Hair On the taller side 5'1 Scar on right arm Muscular Build Biography: : When Dwonmumli was born, he had the last name Longbottom. He grew up in a normal family and his father urged him to join the army and fight for his race. Dwonmumli believed this was the only way to honor his family line as his father has been known for slaughtering Elf after Elf. So he enlisted. He was taught by the best of the best and became an officer of the Ironhand Axemen. He led this single unit through battles after battles, they became well known for always taking Ten elves for every 1 dwarf. They became known as the Elf Droppers. But he couldn’t win the war alone. Soon enough Elves were besieging his home. In this battle his men were tasked with holding the keep. Once the wall was breached the elves made their way through the city killing women and children. As the Elves tried to get to the king the Elf Droppers lived up to their name as the cut down elf after elf. But the arrows were too much, they shot down the lines and Dwonmumli was hit in the leg and chest, incapacitated him. He awoke to an Elven nurse, she was secretly helping him as she exclaimed “This war well end, good luck” and she ran off to heal other dwarves secretly. He began to wonder the battlefield, the ground is nothing but a pool of elven and dwarven blood. He found his king… headless. He filled with rage and screamed and kicked an elven helmet into the streets. Soon releasing his mistake he ran as fast as he could to escape, the elves let him go as they didn’t think he was the trouble. Dwonmumli now wonders to find other dwarves so that they can form a strong kingdom and destroy the elves. Account Information: IGN: TheHyhyhawk1 Time Zone: US EST What roleplaying experience do you have: I have been a Dwarf in 2 other roleplay servers and I am quite good at making good RP Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: Yes How did you find this server: Just hunting for a good RP server Definitions: What does godmodding mean to you: Having your character do unrealistic things such as saying you dodged every attack so you should be alive and things like that. What does metagaming mean to you: Taking out of character information and using it in character What does powergaming mean to you: Using the games mechanics to your advantage when it wouldn't work in RP Skin being used :
  13. this one but i also will clear some things up mace is not a demon he was a trapped spirit that just happened to be really good at fighting and the red eyes and ghost strength are just that he had red eyes and he got ghost strength by possessing James think undertale's chara but instead of gaining lvl to get stronger they are already there (PS by strength i jest mean the do 5 points of extra damage in role-play life points not an actual buff cause that is over powered and i think would add an extra level in role-plays ) and trench coats are cool (just like fez'es and bow-ties are cool)
  14. Hey jonogames thanks for the interest in joining but if you could just create one application at a time and wait for a response that'd be ideal. I'm not sure if you keep posting different ones because you're changing things, but if that's the case you can click Edit at the bottom of your post to change it rather than creating a new topic. Can you just reply to whichever application you wish to be reviewed saying "This one" or something, and the rest will be removed. If you don't do this I'll just remove everything except the most recent post you've made. Thanks.
  15. Why do all my friends have Xbox ;-;
  16. Oh. Two. Gotcha'.
  17. Biography still needs to be expanded, at least to two paragraphs
  18. Ye it wasn't a very good game, The story was cool but after that is was meh. Kinda regret buying it
  19. Edited again with information of his god.
  20. Realized god lore isn't a thing yet. Sooo. New plan.
  21. Character Information: name: James Stormwind Age:18 Gender:Male Race:Human Appearance: He is about 6" tall with a fair amount of muscles, jet black hair that has white streaks through it (do to mace) that is cut to medium length and his eyes are a piercing blue. He usually wheres a big red trench coat and a tattered white shirt and faded black pants with a brown belt. He has a deep voice and a calming presence despite looking quite scary, he favors his right hand and is proficient is skills such a hand to hand combat, sword fighting, horse back fighting/riding and Several kinds of armor, though likes a one handed sword and iron or chain-mail armor the best as to not hinder his speed. Biography: James was born in a little village in the middle of nowhere, his father was a retired adventurer and as such his father taught him how to use a sword as well as various other skills such as how to use a bow, horse-taming,horse-riding,map reading,map making and wilderness survival skills. from a young age James craved to be like his father and go on adventures like he did so on his eighteenth birthday he asked his mother and father if he could go and make a name for himself, they agreed and he set out. on one of his adventures he discovered an old temple. After going inside and navigating the various traps and puzzles he found a pedestal upon which he found a metal bracelet which had a scale pattern as well as a glowing green emerald, he picked it up and exited the temple, later that night he put it on to see how it looked but then the bracelet flashed a sinister green, he then heard a voice in his head "let me take control, it will be so much fun hehehe" that was the last thing he heard before he blacked out. he woke up several days later to find the bracelet gone but the voice was still there. Biography of mace: from the case files of the unexplained Not much is know about Mace except his name and that he is a spirit who once inhabited/was trapped in a bracelet, who put him there or why is not know not even the specter himself dose not know how or why*. his appearance is unknown as he now inhabits the body of James stormwind. the only indication that mace even exist is James's own word and the fact that when mace takes over James's body, James's eyes turn black with red pupils and gains supernatural fighting ability,strength and speed James once calmed that mace once went on a killing spree but as no evidence exists to support this claim it has been dismissed, so far according to James mace has quieted down, only coming out when James is in serious trouble, knocked out or when James loses focus (or plot convenience ), in this writers opinion if you should ever find a man with black hair with white streaks and glowing red eyes, RUN, run as fast and as far as you can away from this man, he is extremely dangerous and WILL kill you. *note: we only know this because James told us when we interviewed him. IGN: jonogames Time Zone: Victoria What roleplaying experience do you have: I have played on quite a few roleplaying minecraft servers including craft-hammer as well as read lots of roleplaying books such as the dungeon's and dragons adventure books. i also play a lot of role playing games such as final fantasy, dragon age and world of Warcraft. Have you read, understood, and agreed to all the rules: yes i have. How did you find this server: I searched online for "serious minecraft medieval role-play servers" which took me to a guy on the minecraft forums and he had a link to your website. Definitions: What does godmodding mean to you: "God Modding" is in essence when someone’s character has the ability to do practically anything without limits or boundaries. And example is when they simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try. What does metagaming mean to you: metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of. What does powergaming mean to you: powergaming is where a player would be joining a top ranked guild at starter level with high privileges, ignores the game story-line, skips all quests given except the ones needed to reach end game, ignores advanced tutorials, and gets power leveled to cap with the best gear possible, which would give them bragging rights over the rest of the average players.
  22. Hi I'm SnowboundOwl078, Mr. Avocado Man, or Ethan! I'm 14.56 years of age (About?) but I'm only an edgy fleshflap when I really need to scare or trigger people. (I like triggering people it's enjoyable.) I like memes a lot, and Harambe is my favorite meme. Never dead. On a slightly more serious note, I've been Roleplaying for close to two years, and I'm currently (5/14/17) still in school, 8th grade. I'm one year behind, since I moved from one state to another, and the Kindergarten requirement changed up a year. I'm an ex-top 1% Destiny player, and a current Platinum-level Overwatch player on XboxOne. My mains for such are Zenyatta and McCree, but I can play Soldier, McCree, Sombra, Bastion, Torbjorn, Orisa, Winston, Zarya, Lucio, Ana, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta all to the level at which I am in comp. If you want my Xbox information, go ahead and ask and I'll see what I can sell you for vital organs of your firstborn. Lone recommended me to this server, and I think it's going well so far.
  23. Personal Information Name:Robert Gates Age:17 Location:New York Have you previously been staff on a Minecraft server? If so, list positions here:I was chosen to be event team on another server but I still have to be tested Have you previously been staff on Asmalur? If so, list positions here:No I have not What position are you applying for:Content Team Availability Time Zone:EST Do you work and/or attend school:Yes Please indicate any times you are not available for server:7:00am-3:15pm EST on weekdays References Please use this area to list any references for your previous work. References include contact info of previous servers you were staff on, or images/videos of work you've done in Minecraft. This section is not required, but does help during the selection process. I was a Dungeons and Dragons DM for 4 years Terms: Reply Yes or No to the following questions. I understand that by being on Asmalur staff I am required to abide by all rules. Breaking any server rules may result in being dismissed from staff:Yes I understand that I am committing to my availability listed above. I am not required to be online at all times, but I am committing to assist if needed while I am online:Yes My contact information listed below is authentic and a reliable way to get in touch with me:Yes I understand that if selected, I will be interviewed over Voice Chat in Discord to confirm my selection:Yes Contact Information: Minecraft Username:Bratman38 Discord ID: Bratman38 I will give my gmail in private
  24. Accepted, welcome back!
  25. 1a. "Garrak amar! Show these pitiful whelps how foolish their cowardly tactics are, make them taste the metal of Skyrender blades!" Korvak runs into the group head-first with the rage of a wild beast, his blade cleaving through the weak ambushers, Korvak throws himself before his companions, doing whatever it takes to keep what's left of them alive. After a hard-won fight, Korvak falls to his knees as his breathing falls deeper, the wounds he suffered, great. The battered orc glances around at his standing companions as they come to his aid. Honor had been earned this night, no more fell to the cowards, if Korvak dies, it will be a good death. 2a. Drawing his greatsword, Korvak snickers defiantly at the cutthroat. "Slavery is dishonorable, you will pay with your blood for your disgrace." With a heaving clash, Korvak rends the man and his armor, cutting him down from shoulder to gut before the large orc pushes the rotting corpse from his blade with a heavy shove of his boot. Korvak studies the dead man for but a moment before turning his gaze upon the elves. With a swift strike, the lock is broken beneath the heavy blade, allowing the elves to escape. "Run before I kill you myself." The elves stare with confusion before running from their savior. As the elves escape, Korvak sheathes his blade while he watches them. Though elves are weak and don't deserve his help, Korvak would rather kill them as warriors in battle, not as a bunch of unarmed rats.
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